Welcome to the home of COMPOSTA

 The COMPOSTA a drum on rollers that allows you to conveniently and efficiently convert organic waste into compost.
Mixing and aeration is carried out by turning the COMPOSTA once or twice a day or, each time fresh material is added.

• It is fitted with a sliding door for adding of daily waste. The door is pet and pest proof - even to baboons!

• Odors are kept to a minimum due to the aerobic nature of the composting process.

• Compost production is far quicker than in a conventioanl compost pile due the aerobic conditions created by frequent mixing. Heat and moisture are also retained,which helps speed up the process.

• It is made from robust and durable materials.

The COMPOSTA is made from recycled materials which are locally sourced and assembled to:

• Minimise its carbon footprint; both in terms of transport and fabrication.

• Minimise harmful emissions caused by energy consumption and production of plastics.

• Create employment opportunities in low income communities.